Puppy Linux 431JP2012

Welcome to Puppy Linux!

This is the Puppy Linux 431JP returns 2012 live CD (March 2012). It is updated version based on Puppy Linux 4.3.1JP(Japanese edition). Differences with the 431JP are described on this document.

Puppy Linux is provided as live CD's(.iso file). You can use Puppy Linux as soon as you bootup your computor from the live CD. You may need pressing [Del], [f.1], [f.2], [f.9], or [f.12] at the bootup and set up BIOS or select bootup media depending on your PC. Refer the documents on your own PC.

First setup

1. Country setup

Booting up your PC from this live CD, hopefully automatically starts up the desktop with 800x600 screen size. A GUI dialog for the first setup appears. You may need to change the settings of language, timezone, keyboard layout, and screen size if you want to. Timezone and keyboard is initially set to JST (Japan) and jp(JP106/Japanese) keyboard. Language is initially in Japanese. You can choose English at the same dialog. Another languages support are provided by the additional sfs files.

If the PC failed to startup the desktop, try 'Safe mode' at the bootup option. Select 'Advance menu' > 'Safe mode' from the bootup menu(it may be frendly interface thanks to the Grub4Dos) by using up and down arrow keys. You will we asked your keyboard layout and offered to start 'xorgwizard' at the last of the boot up proccess.

The network connection is to be automatic in case eth0 interface found and DHCP is available. You need to connect the LAN cable before booting up Puppy.

2. Saving the session

Puppy usually runs all the system on RAM. All the data and settings will be lost at next boot. But you can save the session on the harddisk or on a USB pendrive. You are asked where to save your session. Follow the instruction given by the GUI. Choose 'NOSAVE' if you want to use the Puppy for a trial and not want to save the session.

3. Additional applications

The 431JP2012 has seamokey-1.1.18 as the built-in browser. You can download the flashplayer with running the 'getflash' found in the main menu > Internet. You can install another browsers provided as SFS packages. As for the 'seamonkey-2.7.2-ja-1.sfs' contains the flashplayer so you need not download the flashplayer.

Additional applications are provided as SFS packages or as PET packages. You can find official PET's from the Puppy Package Manager, found at the main menu > Setup. Or, you can download PET's available on the internet. Download them and left-click the PET file. SFS packages can be loaded by RIGHT-clicking the SFS file and select 'sfs_load'.

You can delete the PET packages after they are installed. But do not remove nor move the SFS packages loaded unless unload them.


The highlights of the update from Puppy Linux 4.3.1JP(Japanese edition):

  1. Direct-to-the-Desktop
  2. New standard feature of the recent Puppies.

  3. SFS load on-the-fly

    Sfs_load-1.3.9(shinobar) allows loading sfs packages on-the-fly. The built-in browser is the seamonkay-1.1.18, but you can install your favourite browsers provided as sfs files.

  4. Multimedia performance

    Has ffmpeg-0.7.2(libav version) with most recent codecs as like the recent Puppies. FFConvert-1.2(shinobar) the ffmpeg front end can convert many kind of audio/video files. Pburn-3.3.7(Zigbert) can burn not only data, but also music CDs and video DVDs. Pmuzic-1.8.3(Zigbert) can play streaming radio, playing audio CDs and rip.

  5. Saving the session

    The GUI where to save the session, Pupsaveconfig-2.1.1(shinobar) now supports no-save for the flash installs. The pupsave with ext4 internal file system is now supported as the default.

  6. Many functions in the right-click menu for the ROX-Filer(Don570). Also add auto play with left-click for many file types.


Some files are updated from the 4.3.1JP release. Next is the list.

  1. New
    • extrasfsfind
    • firstrun-1.9.6
    • FFConvert-1.2
    • FlSynclient
    • frugalinstaller-1.5
    • getflash-0.8
    • libdbus-1.4.16-1-p4
    • libdbus-glib-0.74-1-p4
    • libdc1394-2.1.4-p4
    • libraw1394-2.0.7
    • libtheora-1.1.1
    • libvpx-0.9.7
    • libx264-2245
    • numlockx
    • opencore-amr-0.1.2
    • Pmusic-1.8.3
    • retrovol-0.12
    • ROX-rightclick
    • sfs_load-1.3.9
    • shared-mime-info-0.70-5
    • vercmp
    • wcpufreq-0.8
    • xvidcore-1.2.2
  2. Shrinked
    • Drivers (removed some analog modems and large drivers. zp430305.sfs has the removed drivers.)
    • /usr/share/fonts/default/Type1 (refering Stardust Linux)
    • /usr/X11R7/lib/X11/fonts/misc (refering Quirky Linux)
    • /usr/share/kbd/keymaps re-arranged and ziped, moved to /lib/keymaps
      (/usr/share/kbd/consolefonts moved to /lib/consolefonts)
    • /usr/share/i18n
      Other than Japanese, limited locales which can be displayed with iso-8859-1 or iso-8859-2.
    • /usr/local/lib/X11/themes
      Some themes removed
  3. Removed
  4. Updated
    • 10alsa (/etc/init.d/10alsa)
    • 915resolution-0.5.3-patched20091211
    • abiword-2.8.1
    • acpid-1.0.10-1 + patch-1
    • Cgtkcalc-2.1.9 + Japanese help
    • close-dvd+rwtools
    • dir2pet
    • dhcpcd-5.1.3
    • drive_all
    • faac-1.28
    • faad2-2.7
    • flac-1.2.1
    • FFMpeg-0.7.2
    • fixmenu_on_locale
    • gdmap-0.8.1/li>
    • gnumeric-1.8.4
    • gparted-0.4.8
    • grub4dos-0.4.4.v1.7.2
    • gtksourceview
    • isomaster-1.3.6
    • jwm-460(i18n)
    • lame-3.98.4
    • libao-1.0.0
    • libogg-1.2.0
    • libusb-1.0.8
    • libvorvis-1.3.1
    • man, pman
    • mozilla_on_locale
    • mhwaveedit-1.4.17
    • mtpaint-3.34?.30
    • netsetup-20111016
    • pburn-3.3.7
    • petget-20120122
    • petspec
    • pfind-4.16
    • pmount
    • poppler-dataJP-0.4.0
    • puppyinstaller-511-01j
    • pupsaveconfig-2.1.1
    • rc.country
    • rc.update
    • rt2860sta
    • rt5370sta
    • remasterpup2
    • restartjwm
    • sfsconverter 1.4-1
    • snapmergepuppy
    • Trash_i18n-431qs3
    • vorbis-tools-1.4.0
    • you2pup-2.2.1
    • wizardwizard
    • xdelta_gui
    • xine-lib-1.1.20-p4
    • xorgwizard
    • /root/.xinitrc
    • /root/.Xresources
Puppy Linux 4.3.1 is made by Barry Kauler in November 2009
Puppy Linux 4.3.1JP is made by a team of Puppy Linux Japanese Forum in December 2009
Puppy Linux 4.3.1JP2012 is arranged in March 2012

Enjoy Puppy!